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GstarCAD 2011

What is GstarCAD 2011?

GstarCAD 2011 is the newly released 2D/3D CAD platform software based on IntelliCAD for the industries involving AEC, mechanical and manufacturing, electrical and electronic, GIS, survey and mapping, civil, etc.

GstarCAD 2011's new Ribbon compatible .dwg/.dxf data formats and advanced APIs makes it a stable operating platform which will ensure you design easier and faster.

♦ Full Compatibility with .dwg format of different versions
♦ High performance at an affordable price
♦ Powerful APIs for smooth transplantation

What's New in GstarCAD 2011?

GstarCAD 2011 is a milestone version in capability, operability and practicability compared to the previous version of 2010. Its optimized GRX technology, enhanced performance and newly added functions based on global customers' diversified demands offer a productive and profitable feature set:

♦ The Ribbonized user interface brings you much convenience
♦ The substantial function improvement enables you to work more efficiently
♦ The rise of performance makes it easier to get your work done

Flexible Operation via Ribbon GUI

The newly added Ribbon GUI provides stylish and customizable menu appearance, including menu, toolbar, status bar and command line. Ground color configuration of Ribbon GUI is available and there are 4 color options (Blue, Black, Sliver and Green) for your preference.

Configurable and extendable Ribbon enables you to find well-used commands more quickly and directly. You are able to minimize function zone to obtain more space in design operation. Meanwhile, customizable Quick Access Toolbar is designed to meet your specific operation requests and habits.

The classic GUI is still available with switch option to Ribbon GUI. You can select either classic or new Ribbon GUI. The classic GUI of 2011 also provides color configuration with 4 color options.

Improving Efficiency by Enhanced Functions

(1)  Highly Enhanced 3D Functions

Profile of 3D Solid Model (SOLPROF, SOLVIEW, SOLDRAW)
SOLPROF automatically creates projectional profile of 3D solid model in paper space, consisting of visible lines and hidden lines placed into different layers.
SOLVIEW creates viewport with orthogonal projection. SOLDRAW meanwhile generates profile and section of 3D solid model in the viewport created by SOLVIEW

Shaded Plot in Layout
Shaded Plot is available to preview, print, or publish object set in viewport. You can select different visual styles (Displayed, 2D wireframe, 3D wireframe, Hidden, Shaded) for shaded plotting.

(2)  More Useful Dimensions

Typical usage of Dimarc includes measuring the travel distance around a cam or indicating the length of electrical cable.

Jogged Radius Dimension is applied if the center of an arc or circle is located off the layout and is not able to be displayed in its real location.

Dimspace automatically adjusts the space between parallel linear dimensions or angular dimensions in a drawing, keeping dimensions equidistant or aligned at dimension line.

Diminspect lets you effectively communicate how frequently manufactured parts should be checked and ensures that the dimensions and tolerances of the parts are within the specified range.

(3) Other New Functions and Enhancements

You can create a multi-line text object with a customizable field which includes Diesel expression, print information, document information, time and date, hyperlinks, etc.

OVERKILL allows you to delete or merge overlapped lines, arcs and blocks, to remove useless objects quickly.

Layer Properties Manager
Improved Layer Properties Manager provides more concise interface which can display tree structure of layers and filters of a drawing. With it, you can add, delete or rename a layer more visually.

In-place Single-line Text Editor
You can edit a more visual and precise drawing with new In-place Single-line Text Editor. What you see is what you get.

Object Highlight
When you move the mouse cursor upon a drawing entity, the entity is highlighted to help you select the desired object quickly and accurately.

Tool Pallets
You work more efficiently with the newly added function which allows you to directly drag a command from "Command List" panel to Tool Pallets and create a command tool via "Customize You Interface"(CUI) editor. 

(4) More Powerful Application Program Interface (API)

In GstarCAD 2011, compatibility and reliability of Lisp and Vlisp are further strengthened, and 4 classes of VBI are newly added as well, such as GcadHyperlinks, GcadHyperlink, GcadPlot and GcadTable, which make GstarCAD 2011 more compatible with that in AutoCAD.

(5)  Unique and Featured Functions

Besides AutoCAD-compatible drawing functions, GstarCAD provides a great quantity of unique and featured functions, which greatly satisfy users from various industries.

File Tab Bar
Real-time Cutting
AutoXLs Table
Drawing Compare
Drawing Lock
Statistics Summation
GstarCAD Tools
Spline to Line
Arrange Frame Automatically
Batch Print
Extended Text Editor
Print PLT

New Drawing Compare
Based on GRX technology, New Drawing Compare in GstarCAD 2011 handles custom object and nested object in block and comparison result is visualized and accurate, showed in predefined colors; thus, you can verify even the slightest modifications in similar drawings.

Increasing Profitability by Optimized Program

GstarCAD 2011 is the fully-optimized and enhanced version since GRX technology was first adopted in GstarCAD 2010. Different from previous versions, GstarCAD 2011 reinforces GRX-based .dwg/dxf processing technology, which improves software performance and processing speed significantly.

Apart from open/save speed of .dwg files, processing performance/speed of some well-used commands and operations are also improved a lot with GstarCAD 2011:

A. Significant improvement of objects selecting speed with "Crossing Selection" and "Select All"
B. Significant improvement of accuracy and fluency of "Object Snap"
C. Processing speed of "Pan" and "Zoom" in Layout space improved by 3-5 times
D. Significant improvement of processing speed of "Regen"
E. Processing speed of "Hatch" complex drawings improved by 7-10 times
F. Instantaneous process of "Trim" to complex drawings

File Tab Bar

Real-time Cutting

AutoXLs Table

Drawing Compare

Drawing Lock

Statistics Summation

GstarCAD Tools

Spline to Line

Arrange Frame Automatically

Batch Print

Extended Text Editor

Print PLT



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