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GstarCAD Mobile Client


GstarCAD MC (Mobile Client) is a mobile terminal platform developed by Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd, which is fully compatible with DWG drawings and helps users to view 3D drawings in multi-dimension perspectives and view, edit,annotate and share 2D CAD drawing files in the mobile terminal. GstarCAD MC helps you take drawings to meeting room, job site, your home, even somewhere without Internet connection. It will help to communicate with colleagues better, interpret design proposal for client and break away from office computer to achieve free design anytime anywhere.

Key features - Design Anytime Anywhere- click to see more videos


1. Open and check CAD drawing files.
2. Transfer files directly with the usage of tools such as iTunes.
3. Edit, save files and create new files.
4. Zoom multipoint smoothly.
5. Collaborative with Windows version of GstarCAD, it supports kinds of CAD file formats, such as various versions of dwg, dxf, etc.

GstarCAD MC 1.0 provides functions as follows:

1. Drawing functions such as line, pline, rectangle, circle, arc, cloud, signature, text, comment, etc.
2. Editing functions such as delete, copy, move, rotate, scale, color, etc.
3. A series of auxiliary functions such as undo, redo, layout, measure, snap, dynamic tool, help, etc.
4. File operations such as new, save, delete, edit, etc.

Drawings Conversion

Steps to convert DWG drawings into OCF drawings with GstarCAD software are specified as below:
1. Start up GstarCAD and open the DWG drawings needed to be converted;
2. Input command WOCF in command line, the dialog box “Save as” will be displayed; choose the destination and save, then the conversion from DWG drawings to OCF drawings is accomplished.

Drawings Transmission

Steps to transmit drawings with ease into this system by using iTunes, a software developed by Apple Inc, are specified as below:
1. Connect your iOs devices(iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.) with PC via USB cable;
2. After Opening or automatically opening iTunes, switch to your device’s interface and select the application from the above menu bar;
3. Move downward to File Sharing, find GstarCAD MC version, then your added drawings can be found in the local drawings of the system.


You can download GstarCAD MC version from our page in Apple store. (You need to have iTunes)

If you want to convert .dwg files to .ocf files, please download the lastest GstarCAD version with OCF Convertor from the Download Center.

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